The trial smile process

Simon is a perfectionist, he is always striving to achieve a result that exceeds his patients expectations. The ethos of #GreatBritishSmiles is to create a smile which is beautifully bespoke to that person’s character and not artificial looking- enhancing what is already there instead of giving every patient the same smile.

As they say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and thus it is very important to Simon that you the patient has creative control in the design process of your new smile. A smile is a very individual characteristic and must be unique to each patient, following the steps below allows for predictable and beautiful smile designs for every person Simon treats.

Step 1 – The Consultation

Starting the process can always be daunting for patients who have worried about their smile for many years. The consultation with Simon is very relaxed and is really just a fact-finding mission. The most important feature being defining exactly what the patient’s worries are with their smile. Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what smile you want, most patients don’t! Simon carries out a detailed examination including most importantly accurate digital photographs; Digital Smile Design can then often be used to provide a computer simulation of the potential result to show to the patient.

Step 2 – Wax mock-up and trial smile

Detailed impressions or digital scans are taken of the teeth for the artist that is Simon’s dental technician to build a wax preview based on the initial computer simulations.

A silicon key of this wax mock up can then be used to replicate this trial smile in the patient’s mouth using acrylic. This procedure is very quick and completely painless as the acrylic simply slips on top of the teeth and can be gently removed after the smile has been test-driven. This smile “test drive” is documented with photographs and video and the patient can see the difference a new smile could make without committing to anything more at this time.

Simon then will discuss with you the various options and estimates, which are required to achieve this beautiful new smile. With modern dentistry there are always many treatment options to suit different budgets or expectations.

Step 3 – Preparations and temporaries

Teeth that require veneers / crowns / bridges are prepared and impressions or digital scans are taken. If the patient is having a “Single Visit Smile” utilising CADCAM CEREC technology then the final smile can sometimes be placed at this point. If not then temporary restorations are placed using the guides from the wax-up.

Step 4 – Fitting the final restorations

If a traditional smile makeover has been carried out utilising porcelain veneers or crowns then Simon’s skilled technician will take around 3 weeks to fabricate the final result and then temporaries are then removed and the final restorations can be placed. You are then ready to start your new confident life with a beautiful smile.

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